1. arrival

The reason behind this blog is to allow my thinking in performance making, writing, teaching, interdisciplinary creative practice, art-science collaboration, ethnography, poetry, parenting, and other things, to travel around, go where it wants, hopefully have a life.

We’ll start with a poem written by my 5 year old daughter:

in a tinier house

she has

big wobbly mountainy knees

plants but not stinging nettle

a big mess but not really

really, it was nice

And then note came along

and then pen came along

and then paper made paper and all the fairies drew pictures

and then picture came along and made a picture of the house,

a meadow just flowers and the tiniest  view.

At the moment I’m quite interested in the relationship between micro and macro, the fold between specific located worlds of everyday practice and the drift of thinking if you take your lens out further, so thanks Elena Holdaway for this gift of a beginning.


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