Camper: performance 2007

Winner: Most Innovative Production,Tempo Festival of Dance 2007.

Reviewed by Felicity Molloy, 7 Oct 2007

I felt honoured to be present for the very last showing (for tempo) of this squished into a caravan “road” show. I had a cup of tea in a pretty  pink china cup. I needed it!

I know reviewing is primed to bring in more audience but in this case I didn’t see how it could as only five could fit at a time, ( I counted 9) and the two performers, Alys Longley  and Val Smith. I felt like crying as soon as I smelt the caravan smell, the pace of life suddenly seemed to slip away.

How is it that dance (in this case a fairly broad definition of dance) can invoke feelings? Two people dancing a teabag dance, moving alongside each other, reaching for midnight stars in a New Zealand sky or sitting reading in companionable holiday silence. So satisfying. What an excellent counter balance to the whirling festival feel.

If its on again next year – you must see it … and maybe they will have to get a tent as well!