Mistranslation Laboratory Santiago, Chile


Opening: 16 November 19:30

Performances:  17th – 19th November


Symposium: 17th Nov 17:00h Instability and Change MAC Parque Forestal – Sala de Conferencias


Exhibition:  16th November – 3rd December

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How do we recognise the other in times of instability and change? Sur Sur is an encounter between cultural differences and a discovery of synergies within the Global South.

Sur Sur has been developed through a collaboration between performance makers and visual artists from New Zealand and Chile and through an inter-University collaboration between dance programmes at the University of Auckland and the University of Chile and the Museo de Arte Contemporaneó, Santiago.

Initiated by Marisol Vargas following her residency in New Zealand and involvement with Carol Brown through the DART project (Dance and Visual Art, Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki / Dance Studies the University of Auckland) the catalyst for the project is a desire to develop collaboration between visual artists and performance makers who share an interest in questions of identity, belonging and artistic responses to contemporary crises through inter-arts processes.

Over seven days the artists meet and workshop together in Santiago generating a performative installation event and exhibition to be premiered 16th November at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Santiago. Performances continue to 18th November and the installation is programmed to run to 3rd December.

Alongside this there will be a Symposium hosted by the Museum and University of Chile to explore critical contexts of decolonisation through dialogues around instability and change, between art forms and creative communities.

Alys Longley will present Mistranslation Laboratory through the medium of installation, artist book, video and live performance. This project premiered March 2017 at the Performance Arcade Wellington, will be extended through her collaboration with three local artists.

Carol Brown will present video and performance arising from the research project Releasing the Archive (Dancing Sculpture, NGV Melbourne; Tempo Dance Festival 2017) and will collaborate with Marisol Vargas on a choreographic installation with local dancers.

Mark Harvey will present a curated series of video works, Sharing the Breath Te faaiteraa i te manawa including works by Kalisolaite ‘Uhila, Jeremy Leatinuu, Darcel Apelu and present remotely a performance solo, Colonising Labours.

Contemporary Chilean visual artists Bernardo Oyarzün, Máximo Corvalán-Pincheira (Space to Dream, Auckland Art Gallery 2016), and Dominique Goujon will present new works in response to the provocations of the collaboration.

Artists: Natalia Bakulic, Carol Brown, Macarena Campbell, Máximo Corvalán-Pincheira, Ángel García, Dominique Goujon, Mark Harvey, Alys Longley, Elisa Loncon, Daniela Marini, Francisca Morand, Bernardo Oyarzún and Marisol Vargas.

This event is enabled through support from Dance Studies, CAI the University of Auckland and the Dance Department, the University of Chile as well as Museo de Arte Contemporaneo, Santiago, Chile.

In July 2018 the host artists in Santiago will join University of Auckland artist-academics for performances and exhibitions at the Gus Fisher Gallery.

Link to Website: http://www.mac.uchile.cl/exhibiciones/e/sur-sur-