Mistranslation Laboratory

Mistranslation Laboratory is an intimate interactive performance work that was performed at set times over four days of The Performance Arcade 2017, creating miniature performances for (and with) audiences of around ten people at a time. It was then performed as part of the Sur Sur group show at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chile, and in Lecture Demonstration format at conferences in the Azores, and in Lisbon, Portugal.

Four fallible, dreamy and untrustworthy “choreographic scientists” prepare a buffet of experiments from a menu of 10 works with titles like ‘Rainbow Taming’, ‘Salt Harbour Tuning Dance Laboratory’, and ‘Making Rubbings of Real Emotional Things’. Groups of participants will choose three pieces for their experience, which can be shuffled into any order.

When this wee theatre is at rest, the Mistranslation Laboratory space is left open to all. The ongoing installation accumulates documentation over four days of The Performance Arcade 2017: collecting data from the theatrical experiments, carefully curated and displayed as works-on-paper, sound installation, and interactive sculpture. The work extends an invitation to participation and to gently encounter this nervous, coastal city from skeleton to skin.

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