radio strainer

radio strainer is an installation, a performance, a performance inside an installation we’re working with the idea that humans are translation machines and constantly in motion we’re experimenting with different senses of becoming in the process of translation with materialising the travel of forms, states, words and affects via the sensorium of embodiment with being caught in the contagion of information, in the bleed between creative and linguistic forms, with exploring points of strain and connection, translation and mistranslation


artistic direction / choreography / text: alys longley
sound & spatial design/ lm making: jeffrey holdaway

dancers: val smith, christina houghton, sarah foster-sproull

translations: paola leardini, manfredo manfredini, kana parr-whatley, saori ishimaru, mereana smith
additional designing and dancing: sarah knox


big thanks to: window, dance studies, national institute of creative arts and industries, the university of auckland; karen barbour; molly mullen; becca wood; brent harris; sasha matthewman; carol brown; ona graham; tia reihana, katherine tate