radio strainer : the book

radio strainer : the book can now be ordered from the Winchester University Press online store here.

Radio Strainer is an ongoing performance project that exists through choreography, film, and book forms, with the discipline of mis-translation studies a conceptual research pivot. This limited edition artist book includes experimental documentation of studio process through performance writing, drawing, photography and video stills. It includes a preface discussing critical issues in artistic research specifically in relation to interdisciplinary practice, choreography, translation and mis-translation.

The book is part of the kinaesthetic archive project which experiments with how the mobile, textured, abstract and kinaesthetic thinking that occurs in performance research might be articulated through different kinds of writing practices. Artist books perform a series of page works. Abstract qualities that are central in practice-led research such as felt affect, physical tone, texture, space, intuitive sensing and the porousness of touch are evoked through a poetic written register that also attends to the choreography and materiality of the page. The accompanying essay discusses practice-led and critical issues that contextualised the creative process of choreographic writing. Writing has been cast as monstrous – or at least violent- in its ability to disfigure, maim and destroy the life of the live arts. This project explores writing that is coextensive with dance practice, in relation to critical theory that engages with writing as performance.

Each book is composed individually by the author, in different experiments with sequence. Some books are organised around narrative, some chronology of when texts first emerged, some in relation to colour, some with the sense of palimpsest between transparent and standard paper. Other versions are organised around qualities of dramaturgy, text or character. This edition of Radio Strainer is printed in a limited edition of 40 copies.

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